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USB to TTL Microcontroller Programmer/ PL2303

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Product Description

This PL-2303HX based a low cost and high performance USB-to-Serial Bridge Controller.


  • Programming of Arduino Pro Mini
  • Programming of Microcontrollers that can be programmed using serial boot loaders at 3.3V or 5.0V logic levels
  • Burn write STC MCU,NXP MCU,renesas MCU,NEC MCU
  • Data exchange between microcontroller and Desktop or Laptop Computers
  • Connection with GPS Devices
  • Connection with various external Phones, or modems, GSM Modules
  • All other applications requiring USB/Serial/TTL interface.
  • Router,HDD,ADSL,broad band modem firmware upgrade
  • Cellphone,XBOX360,GPS serial communication,vehicle inspection and test, dvd flash and so on
  • Simple UART communication,commonly used UART debugging tools in supper terminal
  • USB signal transferred to TTL signal,may be used by electronic enthusiasts
  • Two data transmission indicator can monitor data transfer status in real time
  • 3.3V and 5V power supply interface,easy for the DDWRT of different voltage system that need power.
  • The entire board is coated by high quality transparent heat-hrinkable sleeve,making the PCB in insulation state from outside, so that the board won’t burnt down by material short-circuit.

Technical Specifications

 Package Includes

  • 1x USB to TTL Adapter Based on Prolific PL2303


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