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LCD 20X4 Character Module

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Product description

      This 20-character, 4-line parallel liquid crystal display provides a large viewing area. It features white text on a blue background with an LED backlight and uses the common HD44780 interface, so sample interface code is widely available for a variety of microcontrollers. This display is electrically compatible with the LCD that is included as part of some of our Orangutan X2 robot controller packages, although the physical interface is different.


Pin Symbol Function
1 Vss ground (0 V)
2 Vdd 5 V logic supply voltage
3 Vo contrast adjustment
4 RS H/L register select signal
5 R/W H/L read/write signal
6 E H/L enable signal
7-14 DB0 – DB7 H/L data bus for 4- or 8-bit mode
15 A (LED+) backlight anode
16 K (LED-) backlight cathode

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    • 1x LCD 20X4 Character Module


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