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ISD1820 Voice Recorder Module with Mic Sound

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Product Description

        The ISD1820 voice module board may be a good answer for an additional single sound effect to a project.  These boards can record a single audio sample of up to 10 seconds using a built-in microphone and will play back the sample on demand with good fidelity.

        There are two playback modes. The first is edge triggered; a positive pulse to the Playback-E pin triggers the module to play the entire message once.   The second method, level triggered, will play the recording while it is high, and stop playing when it is low. This module use is very easy which you could direct control by push button on board or by microcontroller such as arduino.


  • On-board ISD1820 chip
  • On-board microphone, can directly recording voice
  • Can play a recording up to 10 seconds
  • High-quality, natural voice restore, can be used as a propaganda module
  • With a loop playback, jog play, single-pass playback mode
  • The pins are leaded out, can control operating by microcontroller
  • Working voltage: 3V-5V DC
  • Size: 54mm x 38mm

Pin Configuration:

  • VCC: 3V-5V DC
  • REC: active-HIGH record signal
  • PLAYE: active-HIGH playback, edge-activated signal
  • PLAYL: active-HIGH playback, level-activated signal
  • GND: ground
  • LED: LED (D1)
  • FT: active-HIGH feed though


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