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GY-31 TCS230 Color Sensor Module

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This module is based on the TCS3200 chip, an upgraded version of the TCS230, which is a programmable color light to frequency converter, making it ideal for adding color sensing capabilities to your new project.


  • This module can detect the color of the objects even when placed in the dark.
  • High-Resolution Conversion of Light
  • Intensity to Frequency
  • Programmable Color and Full-Scale Output
  • Frequency
  • Communicates Directly With a Microcontroller
  • Single-Supply Operation (2.7 V to 5.5 V) Power Down Feature
  • Nonlinearity Error Typically 0.2% at 50 kHz Stable 200 ppm/°C Temperature Coefficient Low-Profile Lead (Pb) Free and RoHS Compliant Surface-Mount Package


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