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DC 12V Soil Moisture Sensor Relay Control Module

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Product Description

        With the help of the company's production of high-quality sensor to detect the soil moisture in the soil, and the surface of nickel, extension sensitive area can improve the conductive properties, prevent soil contact is easy to rust, extend the service life;
        The product may be a wide range of soil moisture and controlling respective thresholds by adjusting potentiometer and the humidity is lower than a predetermined value, the starter relay is higher than the predetermined value, the relay is switched off.
        The product with the time delay function, the delay of 3-5 seconds when it detects moisture in critical condition, the relay is not flashing, stroboscopic effect;
        Products using high quality relay withstand a load of 1500 Watts, in accordance with most people;
      Products with power indicator LED and relay;

Electrical parameters:

  • Voltage: 12VDC Input Current: More than 100mA
  • Load: 10A 250VAC 10A or 30 V DC (lower than the current in this range can be used)

User module:

Module 1. sensors are used to detect soil moisture;
Module 2. Blue potentiometer is used to adjust soil moisture threshold clockwise adjustment and humidity control will be more against the smaller;
Module 3. in connection with the module with delay function to adjust the value of humidity after each tune to wait about 5-8 seconds to see the changes the relay, the green LED lamp is also a corresponding change to be adjusted in accordance with the requirements.

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