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Standoff Spacer Male to Female -- 14mm+6mm

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Product Description

        Is a threaded separator of defined length used to raise one assembly above another. They are usually round or hex (for wrench tightening), often made of aluminum, brass, or nylon, and come in male-female or female-female forms. In electronics they are frequently used to raise a printed-circuit board above a surface. Insulating standoffs keep two parts from touching each other, thereby preventing electrical shorts. When used to fasten cable connectors (i.e. "D" connectors) together, they are called "jack screws".


  • Product Name : Hexagon Standoff Spacer;Thread Size : M3
  • Male Thread Length : 6mm/0.24";Hex Part Length : 14mm/1"
  • Color : Gold Tone;Net Weight : 354g

Package Includes:

  • 5 x Standoff Spacer Male to Female 

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