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2WD Smart Robot Car Chassis DIY

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Product Description

        With over 50 different parts, 250 individual components, and a high quality combination kit, the is the kit you need if you really want to get into electronics and programming. It has all the components you need to jumpstart for Arduino programming.

        This kit is fourth in our line of Kits for Arduino, the versatile open-source prototyping platform that's taken the electronics world by storm. Using only the components provided, you can within seconds, with no prior experience, start building electronics projects and can start programming.

        With our kit, you'll be able to control things in the physical world as easily as you can control things on your computer. Even after you graduate to more complicated projects and a wider variety of sensors, you'll still find that the components in this kit form an important part of your prototyping toolkit.


  • Mechanical structure, easy to install.
  • This car has tachometer encoder.
  • With 4 AA battery box and power switch.
  • Can be used for distance measurement, velocity.
  • Can use with other devices to realize function of tracing, obstacle avoidance, distance testing, speed testing, wireless remote control.
  • Gear Motor reduction radio: 1:48.
  • Size: 22cm x 14.7cm, wheel size: 7cm x 7cm x 2.6cm.
  • Note: motor power supply is 3V~6V.

Product includes:

  • 1 x Car Chassis
  • 2 x Gear Motor(1:48)
  • 2 x Car Tire
  • 2 x Speed Encoder
  • 4 x Fastener
  • 1 x Universal Wheel
  • 1 x  Four Battery Box
  • 4 x Long Screws
  • (8 long, short 2)  x short screws 
  • 10 x nut 10
  • 1 x Power Button


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