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RF Wireless Receiver Module & Transmitter Module

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Product Description

        This is a pair of 433Mhz RF Wireless Transnmitter + Receiver for the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. You can use this RF Modules to send wireless data from one Arduino to another. It is a very popular RF Module with ready sample codes, library and example projects available.

        This module provides a very cost effective wireless solution with a maximum data rate upto 4Kbps. It can be used as Remote control switch, electric doors, shutter doors, windows, remote control socket, remote control the LED, remote control stereo and alarm systems.


    • - Voltage:DC5V              
    • - Current:4MA                
    • - Frequency:433.92MHZ  
    • - Sensitivity:-105DB
    • - Antenna:32CM single core wire(not included in the package)
    • - Size:30*14*7mm  
  • - Transmitter distance:20-200Meters(influenced the voltage)  
  • - Voltage:3.5-12V    
  • - Size:19*19mm
  • - Working mode:AM             
  • -  Transmitter speed:4KB/S        
  • - Transmitter power:10mW             
  • - Frequency:433M
  • - Attenna:25cm Single core wire or mutil-core wire(not included in the package)

Package Includes:

  • 1 X RF Wireless Receiver
  • 1 x RF Wireless Transmitter

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