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Mobile Controlled LED using SIM800L

Mobile Controlled LED using SIM800L

SIM800L is available for GPRS and SMS message data remote transmission. But here in our tutorial we will be covering how to control LED or Relay by simply using mobile  messaging app. 

Hardware Required:

How Does it Works?

From your mobile messaging application, you will be sending messages to SIM800L SIM Number. The SIM800L received the message and pass it to Arduino board, the Arduino process the message and try to find out what does it want the LED to do.


  • SIM800L<  ------ >ARDUINO Board
    • Vcc < ------ > 5V
    • Gnd < ----- > Gnd
    • Rx < ------- > Pin no. 10 (SoftwareSerialTx)
    • Tx < ------- > Pin no. 9 (SoftwareSerialRx)
  • LED to Arduino
    • LED < ----- > Pin no. 7


The code focuses more on receiving messages, but it can be modify to auto send message if a feedback is needed.


  • Sameera

    I encountered one problem . When power on the arduino, sms not receiving .but after pressing reset button it working. How to fix it?

  • Sameera

    It working Properly.. Thanks for the demonstration. i used this with adding some of modifications. i replaced #include to #include (Capitalized “S”) & reset pin (RST) attached to Arduino pin 2 through NPN transistor & 1k resistor.

    SIM 800l Library

  • ali reza


  • murli

    sms sent successfully but At comand is not response please help me

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