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Mobile Controlled 2W Smart Robot Car using L293D Shield and Bluetooth Module

Mobile Controlled 2W Smart Robot Car using L293D Shield and Bluetooth Module

This tutorial shows how to control a Smart Car using an android device via Bluetooth communication. The capabilty to control your smart car wirelessly has great advantage, no longer you need to worry where your car is going, since it is under your control. Then also the remote control is in your phone, which is very accessible  and not time consuming.

Enjoy and create your own Controlled 2w smart car :-).

Hardware Required

Step 1:

1. Assemble 2W Smart Robot Car. Before assembling make sure you soldered the terminal of the motors with a wire, because soon it will be connected to the L293D outputs.

2. Put L293D Shields on top of Arduino Board.

3. Connect motor terminals at M3 and M4.

4. Connect Rx Tx and 5V, Gnd Terminal of Bluetooth Module to the arduino Board.

    •  Connect Rx terminal of Bluetooth module to Tx terminal of Arduino board.
    • Connect Tx terminal of Bluetooth Module to Rx terminal of Arduino board.
    • Connect 5V terminal of Bluetooth Module to 5V terminal of Arduino board.
    • Connect Gnd terminal of Bluetooth Module to Gnd terminal of Arduino board.

Step 2:

Upload the code to arduino board.
Note: Make sure no Rx Tx terminal connected to the arduino board before uploading the code, because it can cause error in uploading.

Add AFMotor to your arduino library. (Click Here to Download)

Step 3:

Power up your arduino board.

You can use power bank or battery. Just make sure that the voltage supplied will not exceed to the maximum input voltage of the board.

Step 4:

  1. Pair your mobile’s phone Bluetooth to the Bluetooth module. Mostly default security code of Bluetooth module is either 0000 or 1234.
  2. Download the Controller from Play Store. (Just click Here.)
  3. Open the Android application you'd downloaded earlier, go to drawer menu and click controlled car and click Test Device (Make sure your bluetooth is on), then click paired devices and you will see the list of devices paired to your mobile. Then click the HC-05 or HC-06 device you'd paired earlier. 
  4. From the controller Press "A" to Accelarate and "D" to Decelarate. For the direction, use the Joystick pad.


    • LIMON

      BEAUTIFULL tutorial…

    • Subhash

      Superb it’s working, thank you

    • Venura

      Tnx.its working

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