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How to access Raspberry pi 3 Gui with Putty and Xming -- Tutorial


Having Raspberry Pi remote desktop on your computer is less hassle compared to a Raspberry pi having its own monitor and keyboard. You no longer need a separate monitor, since you can have both desktop on  same window.

In this tutorial we will be covering how to configure Raspberry pi SSH server in order to remote it. The tools needed to fully get the desktop of the Rasp is also included. Enjoy and remote your Raspberry. If you're not able to get the instruction or you get some issues, just comment down.

Download and Install the following software to your Computer


As of the November 2016 release, Raspbian has the SSH server disabled by default. You will have to enable it manually. This is done using raspi-config or placing a file named 'ssh', without any extension, onto the boot partition of the SD card.

Now assuming you installed Raspbian for the first time. Get the raspberry pi sd card and plug it in your computer. The default Sd card name is “boot”, all you need to do is to add file name “ssh” with no file extension, just leave the file “ssh” with no content. Look at the images below.

Step 2

We are assuming here that you already power up your raspberry pi.

Connect UTP cable to your raspberry pi and computer. If your computer is connected to a WIFI, in order to share its internet connection you need to go to Network and Sharing Center. Look at the pictures below for detail.

Step 3

Scan the IP address of your raspberry pi using IP Scanner.

First, you need to know the IP range of the Ethernet. Follow the pictures below.

Step 4

Run Xming you’ve installed earlier (MUST).

Run also Putty (Look the image below for detailed instruction)


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