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Home Access Control with Magnetic Lock and RF Key

Home Access Control with Magnetic Lock and RF Key

A complete set for your Door Lock and security purposes. This tutorial is based only from the materials included. But still it can be used on individual purposes.

Actual Material Connection

Follow the connections above, unused wire in your Access Controller should be taped, do not cut!

Attach a male plug to your Power Supply Control for you to link it to an outlet. You can connect it to 110V to 260V AC as shown in the diagram.

Programming your System

In your Access Control Box, you could find the User Manual on how to program those. But here is the .pdf file for you. Download.

Here are the important ones:

To Enter the programming mode

 |*|Master Code|#|

9999 is the default factory master code

To exit from the programming mode


To change the master code

|0|New Code|#|New Code|#|


The master code is any 4-6 digits

Setting the working mode:

Set valid card only users

Set valid card and PIN users

Set valid card or PIN users

|3|0|#| by card only

|3|1|#| by card and PIN together

|3|2|#| by either card or PIN (default)

Enter programming mode to undertake the  following command

To add a PIN  user

|1|User ID Number|#|PIN|#|

The ID number is any number between 000-999. The PIN is any 4-6 digits between 0000-999999 with the exception of 1234 which is reserved. Users can be added continuously without exiting from programming mode as follows:

|1|User ID No 1|#|PIN|#|User ID No 2|#|PIN|#|

To delete a PIN user

|2|User ID Number|#|PIN|#|

Users can be deleted continuously without exiting programming mode

To add a Card user

|1|Read Card|#|

Cards can be added continuously without exiting programming mode

To delete a Card User

|2|Read Card|#|

To delete ALL users(beware)


To unlock the door

For PIN user

Enter the |PIN| then press |#|

For Card User

|Read Card|

For a Card and Pin user

|Read Card| then Enter |PIN|#|










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