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Getting Started with 32U4 with A9G GPS/GSM/GPRS

Getting Started with 32U4 with A9G GPS/GSM/GPRS

The 32U4 with A9G GPRS/GSM/GPS Board is based on Mega32U4 and A9 GPRS/GSM/GPS module. It can be used to make a call, send text messages and get GPS positioning. Also it has one analog interface, one IIC interface and two digital interface, which you can connect to other expansion modules. It is very easy for you to make a GPS Tracker by using this board. It is also very easy to use AT firmware and use several AT commands can be configured successfully.
Below are just the basic interfacing and sample text code for you to get started!

What you'll need:

  • 32U4 with A9G GPS/GSM/GPRS
    • - GSM antenna
    • - GPS antenna
  • USB 3.0 A male to USB 2.0 Micro B
  • 3.7 to 5 Volts Supply

Mounting Antennas

Two miniature coaxial RF connector is present on the back of the 32U4 with A9G GPRS/GSM/GPS Board to connect with a GSM antenna or a GPS antenna . The connector present on the 32U4 with A9G GPRS/GSM/GPS is called a U.FL connector.The GSM Antenna supplied with the GPRS Shield has an SMA connector on it.


Insert the Micro SIM card into the SIM card holder.


Since the PC USB port output current is not enough,so you should connect a 3.7V lithium battery to the battery port or power bank in order to have a sufficient supply on your board.

Connect the board to your PC and open your Arduino IDE.

goto "Tools -> Board  and select Arduino Leonardo"

goto "Tools -> Port and select Arduino Leonardo"

Now upload the code below.

void setup()
   pinMode(4, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(5, OUTPUT);
   digitalWrite(5, HIGH);
   digitalWrite(4, LOW);
   digitalWrite(8, HIGH);
   digitalWrite(8, LOW);
   Serial.println("A7 Power ON!");


void loop()
   char dat;
      dat =;
      dat =;
   if(dat == '?')
   dat = ' ';

void sendMessage(){


Open Serial Monitor and Set Baud Rate to 115200.

To send the sample message, type "?" in the Serial Monitor and hit enter.

Then you can use some AT commands to control the 32u4 with A9G GPRS/GSM/GPS. Just type it in your Serial Monitor.

Note that we are using a Globe Sim card so that we could have a reply message.


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